Trade Agreement

Trade Agreements

  • US-Jordan Free Trade Agreement (FTA) :

Signed in October 2000, it is America’s fourth free trade agreement and the first with an Arab nation. It will eliminate virtually all tariff and non-tariff barriers to bilateral trade in goods and services within ten years.

Tariff reductions will take place in four stages, however special agreements exist for reductions on specific “sensitive” goods such as cars, tobacco, alcohol, poultry and certain agricultural produce.

The FTA also includes provisions addressing trade and the environment, trade and labor relations, intellectual property rights protection, and e-commerce among others.

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  • Euro-Jordanian Association Agreement :

Signed in November 1997, the Euro-Jordanian AA aims to create a free trade area between the European Union and Jordan by 2010. The agreement focuses on promoting economic and cultural relations for the development of trade, investment and technological cooperation.

Under the agreement all industrial products and natural resources originating in Jordan would enter the EU duty free immediately, while duties on EU industrial products would be reduced annually over the implementation period.