HHE Customs Regulations

Customs Regulations for Household Goods & Personal Effects

Imports Regulations for Personal Effects and Household Goods

Normally, all used household goods and personal effects are subject to customs duty and VAT with the exception of the following parties:

Diplomats, UN Staff or Foreign Donors Associations Employees

Diplomats who are assigned to diplomatic status in Jordan or UN staff or other staff who are assigned by Donor countries to development projects in Jordan are entitled for full exemption of customs duty and VAT. Exemption from duty and VAT process normally takes around one month from the transferee arrival into Jordan.

This exemption can be arranged through their mission by submitting "customs exemption application" to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of Planning along with a copy of the packing list and bill of lading / airway bill. Diplomatic or Diplomats shipments are not subject to any inspection whatsoever.

Returning Jordanian

Jordanian citizens with valid passport, Family book and national I.D. are also entitled to customs duty and VAT exemption provided that they have resided outside Jordan for more than one year for the first time exemption and for more than five years for any consecutive exemption.

The returnee must personally present at the custom point along with one of the following as a proof of domicile in Jordan: a Òhouse deedÓ, or Òhouse leaseÓ, or an electricity bill in his/her name, or a school registration certificate for one of his children, or a proof of Òcancelled residency permitÓ from the country he/she is returning from


Expatriates serving as directors of Foreign Regional Offices in Jordan are also entitled for customs duty and VAT exemption on their personal effects and house hold goods provided their names are registered in the Ministry of Trade and Industry as directors or signatories of those regional offices. In the case where the expatriate is only an employee of this office, then his company can address the Customs Authority to grant him exemption

Customs Duty & VAT

Customs duty is computed at 30% of the estimated cost of goods and freight; additionally VAT of 16% of total cost of goods, freight and custom duty is applicable.

There is NO NEED to produce commercial invoices for personal effects and household goods shipments and normally, the value declared by the importer (if reasonable) is acceptable.

Customs Regulations on Vehicles

  • Passenger cars operating on diesel engines cannot be imported into Jordan unless a prior approval and before the vehicle is dispatched is obtained by the mission in Jordan. Such approvals are normally restricted to personal cars of diplomats.

  • Duty exempted vehicles belonging to diplomats are cleared at Amman Customs Yard regardless of the POE, while cars that are subject to duties are cleared at Zerka Free Zone Customs Area (40 km north of Amman) unless the cars are brand new i.e. same model year.

  • Jordanian citizens with valid 2-year residency permit in the GCC countries may import their own cars on Òtemporary importÓ basis for a period of eight months; other expatriates may import their cars on Òtemporary importÓ basis for 90 days renewable only for another 90 days provided that these cars carry original traffic plates of the country where the consignee is residing.

  • Any party that wish to keep their cars in Jordan after the expiry of the Òtemporary importÓ permit will have to pay the applicable duties, taxes and traffic registration.

  • Payment of duties, taxes and traffic licenses for used cars that are more than one year old take place at Zerka Free Zone Customs Area and need around 4 working days.

Prohibited Items

  • Weapons & Ammunition

  • Drugs & Narcotics

  • Pornography


  • Alcoholic beverages except 2 ltrs per person

  • Wireless Equipment (CB, Walkie Talkies)

  • All video tapes, Cassettes, CD’s & printed materials to be inspected by the censorship department

Additional Information

  • Ports of Entry

- Air freight shipments: Queen Alia International Airport - Amman

- Sea freight shipments: Aqaba Port

- Land freight shipments: Amman Customs Yard

  • Consignment Instructions

Consign to:

Name of Actual Consignee as shown in passport

C/O client's mission (if any)

Complete physical address & contact details

Notify Party:


(Consolidated Marketing & Logistics Corp)

King Abdallah II Street, Al-Jandaweel

P.O. BOX 851689, Amman 11185 – Jordan

TEL: (962) 6-5856956 / FAX: (962) 6-5857757

  • Required Documents:

- Export Way Bill / Instructions

- OBL / HBL /AWB / HAWB (Three original B/Ls)

- Packing List / Inventory

- Copies of Consignee’s Passport

- Tax number from client if not customs exempted

- Bank attested authorization letters from the client for the air shipments.

  • Duration of clearance procedures & release of shipments:

- Air freight shipments: 2 working days

- Sea freight shipments: 5 - 7 working days

- Land freight shipments: 2 working days